dompen™ Classic

Our most popular and most potent line, dompen classic strains test at 85%+ THC. Infused with flavorful fruity terpenes to guarantee a discreet and consistent experience, wherever, whenever.
dompen™ Ratio
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Our ratio line includes three relaxing high-CBD strains with discreet tea flavors, designed in-house for consistency and to maximize therapeutic effects. Each strain has a unique CBD-to-THC ratio, offering consumers various levels of psychoactivity to meet their preferred potency.

In 2015, dompen™ was founded with a mission to destigmatize cannabis and to offer consumers discreet, flavorful, and easy-to-use cannabis vapes. 

After separately working in camera technology innovation and the burgeoning cannabis market, founders Dom and Jake joined forces to create the original prototype and launch in Los Angeles. Very soon after relocating to California, they met the third co-founder, and Chief Manufacturing Officer, Ish, at a cannabis expo.

The three entered into a year-long research and development effort, during which they developed efficient methods for THC distillation, built their lab, designed the initial strain formulations, and laid out the framework for the dompen brand.

Over the past decade, dompen has expanded across North America and has established itself as a leader in the vaporizer category, with growing sales across the continent.

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