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dompen X BreatheWithMe - 3-Pack

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dompen™ X BreatheWithMe is a limited-edition collaboration with BreatheWithMe Revolution, a non-profit that fights for racial justice. 50% of all profits are donated to the organization. 

dompen™ X BreatheWithMe Multipacks contain 3 all-in-one vaporizers. Each pen contains a total of .5g of potent THC distillate combined with flavorful, all-natural terpenes. dompen has established itself as a leader in the all-in-one vaporizer category over the past decade, with growing sales across North America. With optimized airflow, clog-prevention technology, and a next-generation proprietary ceramic wick, dompen has been designed for performance. Additionally, with no buttons or charging necessary, dompen is an easy way to consume cannabis on the go, without hassle.

To learn more about BreatheWithMe Revolution, please visit their website at


Strains Included:

Peach Mango is a limited-edition, bright and sweet sativa-dominant strain that is perfect for discreet daytime use.

Blackberry Lime is a limited-edition, soothing indica-dominant strain that is formulated for rest and relaxation. This strain is ideal for nighttime use.

Honey Citrus (4:1) is a restorative CBD-rich vape pen that contains a blend of terpenes and four parts CBD to one part THC. This pen is This designer strain is perfect for anytime use and provides a crisp and balanced experience without the same psychoactive effects as our THC-dominant products. This versatile all-in-one vaporizer comes pre-filled and pre-charged is ideal for effective and discreet use.

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals, including Cannabis Smoke, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to